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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vandelay Manor B&B

Running a B&B seems to be a career choice for many people as the approach retirement, but I found a charming B&B near Lake Erie that was just established by a young couple.

The house they are renovating was built in the 40s by a Toledo banker who modeled this country mansion after a Rockefeller summer home. When Tom and Melissa (in photo standing on the grand staircase) bought the house, it was a little "Grey Garden-ish.".

"It was vacant for five years before we bought it," they told me, "and we've been working on it for a year now."

They've done a gorgeous job so far and they have grand plans to restore the pool and greenhouse on the grounds.

(Relaxing in my spacious room.)

Tom's dad is the master chef for the amazing breakfast they served. He actually MADE brioche for the French toast!

They don't have a website yet, so 'like' them on Facebook to get more information.
Location:Curtice, Ohio

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