The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Monday, March 5, 2012

Moon Snails and Ocean Walks

 Have you ever strolled an ocean beach and come across one of these gasket-looking things in the sand?  I finally tracked down the answer to the question:  what is THAT?  It is the egg case of the moon snail.  The snail secretes mucus mixed with sand and places the eggs in this rather strange creation.  

I've had a few visitors down here in North Carolina where I am preparing for my upcoming 1000-mile hike.  My friend Stephanie "Stew" Lyon stopped by and we strolled the beach together for a bit.  

My next hike begins April 2 along the shores of Lake Erie!


  1. Cool! Would never have guessed. Can't wait for your upcoming walk!!

  2. Thanks Dawn! Only 21 days until it begins!