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Friday, March 12, 2010

Revisiting the Lake Trek: Segment 8

This segment spanned the 155 miles Escanaba, Michigan, south to the city of Green Bay, then across the Door Peninsula to Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

This was the seccond longest segment of the Lake Trek in both days (9) and miles (155).

I walked this segment alone, but was shadowed by my friend Vickie around the city of Green Bay.

I camped the first few days of this segment as I made my way south along Green Bay. I had some of the warmest days of the trek along this stretch. After reaching the city of Green Bay I made my way across the base of the Door Peninsula over two days. Part of the time I was on the 'rails to trails' hiking trail called the Devil's River Trail.

After hiking for days along shallow Green Bay then across land for two more days while crossing the lovely Door Peninsula, I was ecstatic to finally get back to the expansive Lake Michigan.

The longest day of the Lake Trek was on the last day of this segment from Denmark, Wisconsin to the lakefront in Manitowoc. It was a hike of 25 miles in one day. Whew!

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