The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Monday, December 28, 2009

Revisiting the Lake Trek

I've been going through the thousands (yes, thousands) of photos I took while on my 1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach. And I'm beginning to assemble them into videos so that you can experience the Lake Trek with me.

I'm hard at work on the book about my adventure, doing research, rewriting, more research, looking over my copious notes, rewriting. I promise it will be a fun read and that you'll learn things you never knew about Lake Michigan (just as I did while walking around it).

'My Lake' is how I've come to think about the lake. I feel more protective of it, more connected to it, like I've recorded it in my body by spending this year walking entirely around it. 'Our Lake' is how we should all feel about Lake Michigan.

Here is the first video. It is of Segment 1 of the Lake Trek, Chicago to New Buffalo, Michigan. I walked this segment alone from March 16-20. It is the most heavily industrialized part of the lake, so there were long stretches where I was forced inland to get around steel mills, container ports, and other industry. I've included shots along the lakeshore here.

Note: You may want to press the 'play' button, then pause it and let it completely load before resuming play. This will allow it to play smoothly.

Walk with me:


  1. Loreen, that is so cool! I started the download and then went about my business for awhile, waiting for my sloooooow dialup to finish . . . and it was worth it. Lucas's music adds something extra special.

    One thought - I would have enjoyed spending just a moment more on each slide. Dunno if that's possible or practical.

    I'm very much looking forward to the segments along Grand Traverse Bay!

  2. Hey Gerry! Thanks for checking it out. I'm lucky to have my sons around this break to show me all the tricks for doing these videos. They'll also be posted on YouTube--the streaming may be faster there.

    Happy New Year to you, Miss Sadie and, of course, The Cowboy!


  3. Very cool! My sister, Pamela Grath, sent the link. I look forward to more slides.

  4. Thanks for checking it out, Bettie. I just posted the video from Segment 3 and will post a video each week for the next couple of months.