The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Independent Bookstores Near the Lighthouse

I had the opportunity to visit two independent bookstores during the week I was volunteering at the lighthouse. Brilliant Books, in Suttons Bay, was a store that I had stopped in while on the Lake Trek. This time, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Peter Makin. We had a nice chat about his store and independent bookstores in general.

Brilliant Books was running a book fair while I was there. A percentage of the proceeds were going to local schools. At a time when Michigan's economy is struggling and school budgets are being slashed to the bone (and beyond), it was encouraging to know that Brilliant Books was pitching in to help local schools.

Peter also invited me back to do a reading and book signing during their Friday Night Series at Brilliant Books. I'm honored to be asked, and will look forward to being part of this series next year after my book has been published.

And then I stopped in at Dog Ears Books in Northport. There I met Pamela and her dog (whom I assume is the 'Dog' in the 'Dog Ears' title). This store has a large collection of used and new books and I found a signed copy of Jerry Dennis' It's Raining Frogs and Fishes.

I'm a big fan of Jerry Dennis' work, so it was great to hold this out-of-print title, then take it home with me.


  1. Hi, Loreen--Pamela here. Sarah is actually the second Dog Ears dog. The first was Nikki, who started out in our first bookstore location with me in 1993 and lived long enough to make the transfer back to Waukazoo Street, just down the street from where we'd started together.

    I've got your blog on my list so I can see whenever you update, and it was fun to see my own bookstore in this latest post. Thank you! Let me know when your book comes out, too.

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