The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lake Trek to come full circle September 26

I leave home on Monday (September 21) to begin the tenth and final segment of my adventure. From the 21st to the 26th, I'll walk the shoreline between Milwaukee and Chicago.

I'm taking the ferry across the lake one last time to begin this segment.

It will be strange to see the Chicago skyline growing larger as I approach from the north. When I began this adventure back in March, there was still ice in the harbors and on the east side of the lake. As I walked those first miles -- south from Chicago, then east across the bottom of the lake -- I watched the Chicago skyline get smaller and then reduce to toy-size across the water. It was a very visual way to know how far I had gone over the five days of walking that first segment. This time, the skyline will begin as a hazy suggestion of buildings on the horizon and grow to towering skyscrapers as I enter the city.

I have always loved Lake Michigan, and this year has been my time to fully explore this amazing body of water and the communities along its edges. This last segment will bring me full circle in my adventure. I will not have a computer with me as I cover these final miles, so I will post photos when I return home after completing my '1,000 Mile Walk on the Beach.'

Thank you for coming along on my adventure.


  1. happy trails old friend! wishing Ray and I could be there for the final ten miles....I can't even imagine your incredible joy perhaps mixed with a little wistfulness as you approach the city!

    I'll raise a glass to your big finish with the british cheer sung loud and clear: "with a HIP! HIP! HOORAY"
    "with a HIP! HIP! HOORAY" and finally.. "with a HIP! HIP! HOORAY"

  2. Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I will be there with you in spirit. And, er, perhaps spirits as well. - Gerry

  3. Congratulations on your epic adventure. Tis a small world; I heard about your hike when my relative who lives in Sheboygan sent me the newspaper article with this blog address.
    I live in California. When you have time come over to my blog and say hi.
    I am a writer too, with my first book published last fall.

  4. I've enjoyed keeping track of your great adventure! Thanks for sharing the momentous journey. I wish you well and look forward to following your next great feat.