The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Segment 9 Day 3 Kohler Andrea State Park->Harrington State Park 14 miles

High of 70 degrees.

August 28

This day started out cloudy and cool, just perfect for walking on the lakeshore. This day's trek was all sandy beach (finally!). We began at the Koher Andrea State Park, a gorgeous park with a 'cord walk' through the rolling dunes.

Stephanie and I had several visitors this day, including two dogs who stayed with us for several miles. We also met two small girls who were serious frog hunters. They had captured a cooler full of leopard frogs (in a summer-long 'catch and release' project) under the watchful eye of their grandparents. We stopped to admire their skill and their grandfather looked at us, smiled and said, "Are you walking to Chicago?" We talked about the Lake Trek and the joy of catching the same frogs over and over to see how they changed from tadpoles to frogs.

Our day ended down by Harrington State Park where we stopped in to visit Milt and Carol Kuyers (in bottom photo). They treated us to cool drinks and a friendly chat. They are also grads of Calvin College and wonderful 'Lake People.'

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