The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Monday, May 11, 2009

Segment 4, Day 3 Montague->Mears 24 miles

High of 64 degrees.

It was finally warm enough on the lake to wear shorts!

This day's trek was supposed to be around 18 miles, but when I reached Flower Creek, I had to go inland. The creek opened up to a wide wetlands. There is good and bad about wetlands. The good: they are great for the lake because they filter water and give wildlife a haven. The bad? You have to walk miles to get around them.

It was a gorgeous day and I passed farms and flowering orchards in the miles I walked away from the lake. I even passed some woods filled with flowering trillium.

Back on the beach, the ladybugs were all over the shoreline. My stopping point for the day was in Mears on the shore of Silver Lake. Little Sable is one of my favorite lighthouses on Lake Michigan and I was glad to see it emerge as I walked.

My sister and cousin, Les and Milene, drove up to meet me in Mears and to walk with me the last two days of this segment, and they met me at the lighthouse.

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