The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Monday, May 11, 2009

Segment 4 Complete!

Segment 4 took me from Grand Haven to Ludington, May 6-10. It mapped out at 75 miles and took 5 days. I broke my record for the longest day on the trek. It now stands at 24 miles.

I reached the 250 mile mark during this trek. I had some great company along the way and a wide range of weather and scenery.

I visited one more bookstore in this segment. Check out the link for the Book Nook & Java Shop in Montague.


  1. Way to go Loreen!!

  2. This is so neat, I just discovered this from an article in the Record Eagle.

    So, I'm curious what you're going to do when you get to Traverse City... are you going to walk all the way out one end of Old Mission Penninsula, and back down the other side? Or are you going to skip some shoreline?

    Ecologically, the Pennisula is pretty fascinating. There is a lot going on, so I'd encourage you not to miss it.

    The reason I ask is we have a cottage on the Pennisula, and want to be on the watch for you if you come by, and offer words of encouragement or whatever else you might want.

    Can't wait to follow the rest of your trek.

  3. Ohboyohboy - this takes the Classic American Road Trip to a whole new level. Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I offer to accompany you along the shoreline of Grand Traverse Bay as it caresses Antrim County. We are surprisingly well-informed about some of it, and, well, interested to explore the rest. And even before you get over here--when you reach Northport--you will want to visit Dog Ears Books. I am positive about this. I will email you links.

  4. Glad to meet you in Empire Loreen. Hope that your trek is proceeding apace. If you've not read it yet, get Traverse City resident Jerry Dennis' book The Living Great Lakes for an interesting perspective on our wonderful resourc.e

  5. Dear Loreen, We're following your story in our Spanish class in West Chicago, Il. You inspire us. We hope to welcome you when you get back to Navy Pier.

    ¡Buena Suerte! (good luck!)

    Spanish 4, 6th hour Community High School West Chicago, Il and their teacher, Sue Junkroski

  6. Thanks for all the comments here!

    I plan to do the Traverse Bay, but not Old Mission Peninsula.

    Jerry Dennis' THE LIVING GREAT LAKES is one of the best books I've read in preparation for my adventure. He also did the text portion of a lovely book covering the Leelanau Peninsula that I read at the Sylvan Inn in Glen Arbor.

    Thanks for the ride, George! Your hat is on the way to you. Happy kayaking!