The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Friday, March 27, 2009

Segment 2, Day 1 Union Pier>Stevensville,MI 16 Miles

High of 61 degrees.

That's my son, Ben in the photo to the left. He was on spring break this week, and I roped him into experiencing the Lake Trek for this three-day segment.

We got mostly nice weather, partly sunny and breezy.

Early the first day as we headed north from Cherry Beach, we came to the water barriers at the Cook Nuclear Plant. We had to head inland (you can't pass between the plant and the lake) and could not get back to the lake the rest of that day due to the plant and the highway.

This industry needs the lake, too, like the steel and oil refineries I passed earlier in the trek. I've learned a lot about how the lake and industry interact and I'll be threading that history and information into my book about the trek.

This day also took us past Warren Dunes State Park. This was the place where I first fell in love with the lake.

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