The 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Adventures

Friday, March 27, 2009

Segment 2 Complete!

Segment 2 took me from Union Pier to South Haven up the west side of Michigan. It stretched 53 miles, passed through St. Joseph and Benton Harbor and ended in South Haven. Along the trek I also had to circumvent two nuclear power plants on the shores of Lake Michigan.

A special guest joined me on this segment, Ben, my son. He's 19 and a freshman at Calvin College studying engineering. And he was great fun on the trek. Well, except when he wanted to jog the last mile.

This segment covered a lovely section of the lake. The shoreline was quite varied. It ranged from high, treed bluffs, to sandy stretches, to eroding cliffs of clay and sand, to high dunes. Small towns stud this stretch and two nuclear power plants hold their ground on the lakeshore, too.

I've gone 125 miles around the lake now. The next segment will stretch from April 6-8. Another guest will join me on this segment: my son, Lucas. He's 16 and a soccer and track athlete. I fear there will be more jogging in this next segment.


  1. Yea for Reen! Walking with you...virtually. Love, Mary V.

  2. The last picture totally rocks! What a great shot....thanks for posting. Jogging, eh? Kids, what can you do with 'em.....that is if you can catch them.....

    Enjoy the weekend. We're enjoying trekking with you.

    hugs, Steph

  3. Yeh, on the jogging thing...I think you are safe May 9 & 10 :)

    I bet you and Ben had an awesome time. I am certain it will be just as great with Luc. Those are the conversations that will last a lifetime.


  4. Great blog - and a courageous undertaking.

    Hey, when you were in the area south of St Joe along the bluffs, could you see down to the debris on the sand? There was an ill conceived plan at one point long ago to use junk cars to slow the erosion. So there is this massive tower of junk cars that the Lake has played with like a kid plays with toys.